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Endodontology – A Brief Introduction

“I got a Root Canal from Bellie Dental Clinic yesterday! The Dentist was so friendly man!”

“Did you mean to say Endodontologist?”

“Okay Mr.Google, but, say, isn’t he called a dentist? How’s an endodontologist or endodontist different from a dentist?”

Dentistry like any other field is a giant tree with many branches. One such branch is Endodontology.

What is Endodontology?

Endodontology is the branch of dentistry that deals with the pulp inside the teeth and the tissues surrounding it. It is derived from the Greek words ‘Endo’ meaning ‘inside’ and ‘odont’ meaning tooth.

While all endodontologists are dentists, only 3% of the dentists are Endodontologists. Endodontologists are technicians that have taken two or more years post general dental studies, focussing on the areas of diagnosing tooth pain, and root canal treatment. They take the pride of being the ‘Saviours of teeth’ that are about to ‘die’.

“I’ve got a Root Canal, but I haven’t the slightest idea of how it’s done. All I know was I felt a small, ticklish prick, and I was told it was done.”

Getting a root canal at certain clinics, like the sorts of Bellie Dental Clinic will certainly be a ‘Painless’ experience. At Bellie Dental Clinic, ‘Patient-friendly’ dentistry is the collective mission.

What is Root Canal?

Root Canal is an Endodontological procedure which is used to treat teeth with infected pulp. The pulp of the teeth is extracted, the pulp chamber is cleaned and reshaped and is filled with a rubber like substance called Gutta Percha. Later based on the position of the tooth and its function, a crown is fitted over by the Endodontologist.

                A crown is a protective cap or cover, that is generally fitted over the teeth, for the purpose of protection for the teeth that becomes brittle and sensitive after the extraction of the pulp. The crown comes in different colours, shapes and sizes, based on the type, colour and functionality of the teeth that requires.

Dr. Vishnu sure is an expert at what he does, for I didn’t feel a thing. Had I heard this definition before, I never would have gone through with this”

“He sure is my friend. After all, he IS, the best dentist in Coimbatore!”

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