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Gum Disease Prevention and Treatment

Gums need the most protection of all the segments in the oral cavity since they play a very decisive role in dental health. Sometimes, a few complications in the gum area can open gum pockets, which to detail are cavities between the gum and teeth.

The problem with these gum pockets, is they welcoming-ly host an abundance of bacteria which feed on the delicate elements within. This can lead to gum recession and if further permitted, even tooth recession. The majority of periodontists warn, treatments more delayed are costlier and further that, some conditions post a point are beyond the scope of full revival.

Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums and the same with an excessive period of inattention, is Periodontists, which is the inflammation of all the segments surrounding the teeth, where both the dental conditions actively promote the perversion of tooth and gum recession to an unfortunate point.
Fortunately, for Gingivitis, there’s a big hand full of home remedies:
A majority of dentists recommend synthetic medicines like anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory pills, mouthwash, tooth paste and dental floss.

In the meanwhile, interestingly home remedies dominate the solutions to gum problems;
1. Neem or Turmeric paste mask for gums
2. Oil pulling with coconut oil
3. Saltwater rinsing
4. Lemongrass oil mouthwash
5. Guava leaves mouthwash
6. Aloe Vera mouthwash
7. Tea tree oil mouthwash
8. Sage mouthwash

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