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Getting fitted for dentures usually takes several appointments. But we help you in making out this process at the earliest by our dentists who also decides what type of appliance will be best for you. Dentures made of acrylic plastic or sometimes porcelain and metal materials, constructed to replace missing teeth and the tissues connected. Dentures happen in two possible ways. One is complete dentures which help in replacing all of the teeth, while partial dentures fill in the spaces created by missing teeth and prevent other teeth from shifting position. Dentures are not meant only for elderly patients but also for those who lose some or all of their teeth. Teeth being a permanent part of our body, its loss do have an emotional impact on some people. We also give practicable tips in the consideration of foods you intake. With our proper treatment, we make sure that your dentures can never slip when you smile, laugh, or cough.

How does new dentures feel?
It may feel little unconventional for a few weeks until your tongue learns to keep the dentures in place. You may notice more saliva than usual but when time goes it feels exactly like your natural teeth with the improvement in your smile.